When: 6 September – 22 December 2022
Venue: Illumination Theatre, National Children’s Theatre,
3 Junction Avenue, Parktown, 2193
Questions: or call 011 484 1584
Ages: 2 and up
Cost: R120

NCT welcomes young audiences to forge a special friendship this December holiday with the award-winning production, Balloonacy.
Recommended for audiences ages 2 years and older, Balloonacy is an amusing 45-minute mime show written by Barry Kornhauser, an award-winning playwright recognized for his many contributions to the cultural enrichment of children. The old man is played by the supremely talented Craig Morris. Balloonacy follows the story of a grumpy old man celebrating his birthday alone, when a magical balloon appears at his window. Set in his solitary ways, everything changes for him when he is forced to share his home with this zippy, lively balloon, which teases him out of his solitary funk.
Themes: Combining the imaginative power of play with elements of mime, clowning and more, Balloonacy is a no-dialogue, one-performer show that presents a series of comical and touching moments where the old man and the balloon explore the power of friendship and discover how, with a little imagination and acceptance, companionship can come from the most unlikely places. Children will be utterly charmed.  


Seussical Jr.

When: 30 October – 18 December 2022
Venue: Imagination Theatre, National Children’s Theatre,
3 Junction Avenue, Parktown, 2193
Questions: or call 011 484 1584
Ages: 3 and up
Cost: R140

Seussical Jr. is based on the works of Dr. Seuss. The play weaves together the most famous tales and characters from at least fifteen of his books, especially Horton Hears a Who!Gertrude McFuzz, and Horton Hatches an EggNTC’s production will be loved by all, especially children aged 3-12 (Grade 000 – Grade 6). The story follows the adventures of Horton, an elephant who one day hears voices coming from a speck of dust. He soon discovers that within this tiny speck exists the smallest planet in the universe! On this miniscule planet lives a tiny race of creatures known as the Who. Although ridiculed by the other animals in the Jungle for believing in something he cannot see, Horton stubbornly persists in his belief that Whos exist. Traveling everywhere from the Jungle of Nool to McEligott’s Pool, we see colourful tales seamlessly brought together by Jojo, a young boy and “thinker of strange and wonderful thinks”. As each story unfolds, we marvel at the relevance of Seuss’s subtle themes.

Themes: The themes in Seussical are the importance of honesty, loyalty and friendship, and the vitality they offer. Seussical brings additional messages of identity, individuality and creativity.  The larger idea is that people who think differently can happily coexist.