Vote For Me

Where: 19 February to 15 March, 2024
Show Times: Mon–Fri at 10:00 for schools; Saturdays at 10:00 and 14:00 for families
Book: (R130 per ticket)
School Bookings: Call NCT at 011 484 1584 or 0761152304 or email ($100 per learner)


NCT, in association with The Windy Brow Art Centre, presents Vote for Me, a new play by Ameera Patel, directed by the award-winning Lesedi Job. This insightful work explores democracy, citizenship, and the act of voting, centering on a single question: “How does your vote as an adult impact me as a teenager?” Teens may not have a political vote in this year’s polls, but as influencers and followers, they are voting—and leading—all the time. Every “like”, “subscribe” and “follow” is a vote of some kind, but what effects will their clicks and swipes have? Vote for Me is aimed directly at Grade 8 up, connecting to the Life Orientation curriculum and the History curriculum in multiple ways. The piece challenges teenagers to think about what leadership means for them, and how to build a bridge between an iconic past and an uncertain future. We believe that this production will spark meaningful conversations among students about their role and influence in shaping the democratic landscape and the interconnectedness of generations.

The Red Balloon

When: 11:30 and 15:30 Wednesday to Sunday until 16 December.
Venue: NCT’s Inspiration Theatre

3 Junction Ave, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193
Tickets: National Childrens’ Theatre
Ages: All Ages

Back by popular demand, National Children’s Theatre’s The Red Balloon tells the story of a grumpy old man celebrating his birthday alone when a magical balloon appears at his window. Initially set in his solitary ways, everything changes for him as he is compelled to share his home with this lively balloon, which playfully coaxes him out of his grumpiness. Starring the award-winning Craig Morris, the play was a Silver Ovation Award Winner at this year’s National Arts Festival.

Frog and Toad

When: 7 to 22 December 2023  at 10:00 and 14:00

Venue: Imagination Theatre, NCT, 3 Junction Avenue, Parktown, 2193

Questions: or call 011 484 1584

Ages: 3 and up

Cost: R130

For school block bookings, please call Tamara at 011 484 1584 or email

Spring is here, and Frog and Toad awake from their hibernation with plans to renew their friendship – starting with a swim. But Toad is very anxious about being seen in a bathing suit. Will they manage to have as much fun as they used to?  A Year with Frog and Toad is an enchanting musical journey through the seasons with a cheerful array of animal characters: Frog, Toad, Snail, Birds, Squirrels and more. National Children’s Theatre brings back this popular show which was cut short two years ago due to Covid. The story and lyrics are based on books by Arnold Lobel, in an award-winning adaptation which was performed on Broadway. This production, directed by Ivor Jones, with set and costumes by Sarah Roberts and a dynamic young cast, is a joyful song and dance romp suitable for children from 3 and up.

Themes: Friendship: how real friends support and take care of each other, yet give each other space to be themselves.

Skin We Are In

Company: Kwasha Theatre Company

Director: Mosie Mamaregane

Writers: Omphile Molusi

Cast: Ndonie Ntshiza, Sanele Phillip, Sinegugu Mdluli, Nontombi Ramphele and Nontuthuko Mkhungo

Age: Recommended for 10 -15 Years

Language: English

Duration: 45 minutes

Cost: R100 per ticket

Kwasha Theatre Company’s The Skin We Are In is a new performance in which a group of school friends learn about the evolution of human skin. The Skin We Are In is a vibrant and dynamic adaptation by Omphile Molusi of the eponymous children’s book written by Nina Jablonski and Dr Sindiwe Magona. The production transforms facts and figures into a truly engaging and important piece of theatre. Schools, book now to see Skin We Are In at National Children’s Theatre’s Inspiration Theatre (indoors) Friday 20 October 2023 at 10h00. To book, call Angie Litabe at NCT at 011 484 1584 or email

Vuyo and The Wolf


Presented by Khanyi Sigwanda

Was: 07 October at 14:00

Where: NCT 3 Junction Avenue, Parktown, Johannesburg

Ages: 3-7

Cost: R100 per person

Discover this African folktale, presented by Khanyi Sigwanda, and its beautiful physical theatre and shadow puppetry characters. The lead character in this show is Vuyo, a good young boy whose journey, under uMkhulu Jacob’s guidance, teaches Vuyo more about responsibility and honesty. Vuyo’s job is to watch Uncle Jacob’s sheep, but he’s always late! And when he’s counting the sheep, he always falls asleep. Uncle Jacob knows Vuyo is a good boy, but when his sheep start to go missing, he knows something must be done. In this one-person retelling of the classic Aesop fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Khanyisa Sigwanda flits between characters with ease. Vuyo & the Wolf will delight youngsters (ages 3-7) and parents alike.

It’s Showtime Camp

Was: 02 October to 06 October 2023 09:00 to 12:00 daily.

Where: NCT 3 Junction Avenue, Parktown, Johannesburg

Ages: 6-9, 10-12, Teens

Cost: R1600 per person, with a discount for siblings

Book now for the #NCTheatreSA Spring Camp, where kids 6 to 16 will be inspired by iconic Broadway musicals such as Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, Beetlejuice, and Hamilton. Watch campers as they spread their creative wings, singing, dancing, and acting out the best songs from these musicals. Then, they’ll learn how to get into character, both physically and vocally, over five days. And on the last day of camp, children will perform for their families (no pressure). It’ll be the most fun they’ve had in a long time! Book now for the adventure of a lifetime!

The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht

Was: Friday 22 September 2023 at 10:00
Where: NTC’s Imagination Theatre (outdoors), 3 Junction Avenue, Parktown, Johannesburg
Ages: 12 and up
Family Bookings: R150 per person.
Tickets: R100 per learner (for 40 or more learners)

The Caucasian Chalk Circle is a classical play written by  Bertolt Brecht and produced by Menzi Khwane Creations especially for matric learners this year, and for families with children. Caucasian Chalk Circle is a play within a play. It begins with two groups of farmers who are deciding who should own a piece of land. In the middle of the discussion, a group of players is called to enact a play to help them decide. The play within the play tells the story of a kitchen maid who escapes a raid with a noble child, and later returns with the child to later claim it as her own. The climax of The Caucasian Chalk Circle takes place in a courtroom, as a rather unconventional judge named Azdak employs a very unusual method to determine who should get custody of the noble child. The dispute over the child reflects the dispute over the land, and this production explores many parallels with South African society. The Caucasian Chalk Circle
offers a way to think about ownership and property, and the
individual’s greater responsibility to the collective good.

Themes: War, family dynamics, justice, class, conflict, jealousy and greed.

Aladdin and the 4 Tea Thieves

Was: 06 September to 09 September 2023, 10:00 and 14:00

Venue: NCT’s Inspiration Theatre

3 Junction Ave, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193

Ages: The whole family

Duration: 2 hours

Transport your family into the magical world of Aladdin and enter the magical city of Baghdad where this gripping story begins. We’ve got the traditional story of Aladdin with extra pantomime twists added in. Follow Aladdin into the magic cave where he encounters the four tea thieves. Aladdin meets the genie who helps Aladdin marry the beautiful princess of his dreams, but not without the thwarts of his evil uncle. All’s well that ends well and the show will leave you singing in the aisles in a spectacular finale. Book now to see Aladdin and the four Tea Thieves at National Children’s Theatre’s Inspiration Theatre (indoors). #NCTheatreSA

The Red Balloon

Was: 25 August 2023 at 10:00 and 15:00
Venue: NCT’s Inspiration Theatre

3 Junction Ave, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193
Tickets: Redhill Arts Festival
Ages: 3 and up

The Red Balloon has been selected for Assitej’s Cradle of Creativity Festival 2023. Award winning actor Craig Morris stars in National Children’s Theatre’s hilarious and charming play about a grumpy and solitary old man, whose life is amusingly interrupted by a Red Balloon. The play, for ages 3 and up, explores the power of friendship through physical comedy, humour and mime.

Noko goes to School

Was: 16 July–6 August, 10:30 and 14:30 on weekdays for schools

Venue: At pre-primary and primary schools 
Tickets: or 011 484 1584
Ages: 3 and up

 Noko Goes to School is a fun musical adventure created especially for the stage by National Children’s Theatre. The play, adapted by Moira Katz, is based on the book Noko the Knight by author Eleni Theodorou. Original music has been composed by Dale Scheepers who is the director for the production. Set in the heart of the South African bushveld, the play celebrates cultural diversity inclusivity, friendship and encourages children to explore what makes us different, yet so special. 

Mess Monsters Puppet Show

Was: 06 August 2023 at 12:00-12:30

Where: National Children’s Theatre

3 Junction Ave, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193

Ages: 4-9

Price: R100 per audience member

The toys in Alex’s room are fed up and sad. They never get tidied up and everyday more and more of them brake or they just disappear! What’s happening? Come join Alex and his toys on a song filled adventure of a lifetime. Figure out the mystery of the lost toys. Who’s behind it and how can the nasty Mess Monsters be stopped! This adorable interactive 30-minute puppet show is suited for children ages 4-9 and takes the audience on an imaginative journey of self-discovery.

Innocence Lost

Was in Schools: 07 to 27 August, with a possible 2 week extension, on tour to schools in and around Gauteng
Ages: Grades 6 and up
Cost: R90 per student

NCT proudly presents Innocence Lost, an outstanding educational theatre project designed to inform vulnerable teenagers of the dangers of being trafficked, and how to recognise and deal with would-be traffickers. The play goes on tour to schools in June 2023, mainly in Soweto where much girl child trafficking takes place. This program is an example of how education through theatre arts can help communities across South Africa engage with the challenging issue of stopping child trafficking, especially girl trafficking. Girl child trafficking is a social crime in which teenagers, but especially girls generally from poverty-stricken backgrounds, are attracted by promises of money, employment, social dignity and a bright future. Too late they discover that none of the promises are genuine. They have landed in a life of slavery and misery. This program intends to inform vulnerable youth and help them become aware of the horrors that result from being trafficked. Innocence Lost is based on a true story and is a sad and shocking story.

Themes: Child trafficking awareness, dangers, challenging traffickers and those who prey on vulnerable children, teacher, parent and community awareness, help and resource

The Hobbit

In April 2023 award winning director Alan Swerdlow created a masterful production of The Hobbit at National Children’s Theatre. The play was enjoyed by young and old and received excellent reviews. NCT was proud to present this children’s fantasy novel by English author J. R. R. Tolkien. It was published in 1937 to wide critical acclaim—it remains popular and is recognized as a classic in children’s literature. This one-hour version staged a suspenseful, fast-moving journey through Middle Earth by the home-loving hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. When Gandalf the Wizard knocks at Bilbo’s door, bringing with him Thorin Oakenshield, eleven ragged looking dwarfs, and a contract for an adventure to recover the lost treasure of Lonely Mountain, now guarded by Smaug the dragon, Bilbo could not be less interested—at first. But Bilbo is persuaded and before he knows it, he’s off on a perilous quest over a mountain and under hill, through caves and forests until the final resolution, not only for Bilbo but for all the Hobbits who inhabit Middle Earth, endearing the story in the hearts of children and adults who continue to enjoy this introduction to Lord of the Rings. Personal growth (maturity, competence, and wisdom, applying one’s wits and common sense), heroism, understanding how greed destroys the human soul. Motifs of warfare. Themes: Personal growth: maturity, competence, and wisdom and applying one’s wits and common sense. Heroism. Understanding how greed destroys the human soul. Motifs of warfare.

Curious Thandeka and the secrets of the forest

In February 2023, Curious Thandeka explored the secrets of the forest. It was bed time but Thandeka couldn’t sleep. She had a lot of questions that only her granddad could answer. Why does Ostrich have a long neck? Why does frog have such a funny croak? Why does the tortoise use its shell as a house?  Thandeka made exciting discoveries about the forest in this enchanting puppet and marionette show with incredible, entertaining characters.

Themes: Environmental and animal awareness. Friendship. New behaviours. 

Miemsie and the very Naughty Lion Bizzyhands Puppet

In April 2023, Miemsie and the very Naughty Lion, a puppet show version of the classic, Little Red Riding Hood, from the book by Alex T. Smith, enchanted audiences at NCT. and had young and old roaring with laughter. Miemsie had to visit Grandma who woke up with Spottelitus! On her way she passed several of her bush friends including Jimmy the old crocodile, the monkey brothers, Mama Giraffe and her baby Jonty. They all warned her about the very Naughty Lion. When Miemsie finally reached Grandma’s house, she was immediately suspicious…. But she could see right through this Naughty Lion’s plan… Miemsie planmed to teach the very Naughty Lion a lesson… South African style!

Themes: Being kind to and understanding one another. Respecting the environment and animals. 

My Children! My Africa!

In March 2023, NCT’s outstanding production brought to life a story that is as valid today as it was at its premiere in 1989 which was directed by Fugard himself. We’re delighted Kathy-Jo Ross, who was cast by Fugard as the first Isobel, acting with John Kani as Mr M and Rapulana Seiphemo as Thami, was once again in the director’s seat, her third year and with a new cast. Set in 1985 in the Western Cape, the play begins with a debate between Isabel a girl from a posh white school, and Thami a boy from the poor Location, under the auspices of dedicated teacher Mr M. Debate is the play’s central motif; the characters argue ideals and political positions with each other, then step forward and present their positions to us. But debate is not only between the obvious: black and white, powerful and powerless, privileged and impoverished. It’s also between old and young, tradition and revolution, male and female, private and public, talk and action. All the characters are kind, smart and admirable, and each wins our affection and our allegiance, making it a challenge to take easy sides.

Themes: Are 1980s challenges still today’s challenges: race, education, segregation, loyalty, friendship, challenging people’s political views and awareness of political issues, the end of childhood and the coming of the age of awareness.In